Ski enthusiasts and mountain lovers just want to explore with the help of comfortable, light and functional equipment.

Our backland models are the answer to these needs: high performance, uphill and downhill, no matter the conditions.


Those ho love backcountry ski and free ride have a mission: finding fresh snow, powder. Atomic’s Backland collection satisfies this need, with a revolutionary HRNZ Tech Tip structure that creates an additional 10% of surface without adding weight nor width to the skis. It offers an awesome feel on fresh snow, less deflection and better trajectories. Comfortable and light when going uphill and performing and sensation downhill.



Backland boots for ski and touring by Atomic improve your adventure on the snow. Made for both pros and beginners they are light and performing.

The Backland carbon has an all-mountain technology, but it’s best for coming down the slopes; while powder lovers will surely fall in love with Atomic Hawx Prime XTD 130 Tech GW.

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