DYNAFIT, the snow leopard, the brand’s logo visually represents its characteristics:lightness, speed, high performance and technology. The snow leopard knows how to move rapidly and without making any noise on the highest peaks, that’s exactly what the brand wants for its customers and athletes. A brand that loves mountaineering and ski mountaineering in the winter and trail running in summer, with light and high quality products that are made to feel the mountain.



In collaboration with professionals, materials and models are tested with care; DYNAFIT accepts no compromise and its products must withstand the most extreme conditions. Especially during expeditions andtrail running competitions, the athlete must feel 100% comfortable and perfectly confident. Their mission is to create a lighter material, trustworthy that can help customers achieve their goals.
Clothing, equipment, shoes and boots, but also skis and backpacks, DYNAFIT offers high tech products forski mountaineering and trail running. The secret to their success sounds simple “all those who work at DYNAFIT, live DYNAFIT. Our collaborators, form sellers to brand managers, are 100% mountain lovers and can be seen as real ambassadors for the brand”


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