Patagonia is a leading brand in outdoor equipment and clothing, based in California and founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973. By this brand you’ll find what you need for snowboarding, climbing, skiing, surfing, fishing, biking and trail running. Those sport that can make us feel more in tune with Mother Nature. Patagonia’s mission is to conduct “business to save our planet”, which stands as a clear message and makes us understand how the brand is interested in safeguarding the planet. An unusual example coming from such a big company, one we cannot but love and admire. Sustainability is Patagonia’s strong feature, it donates at least 1% of its ales to different organization to save earth and its ecosystem, as of today it has donated more than 100 million dollars. Chouinard’s business model is so inspiring and awesome to say the least.

From the paths to the peaks. Discover Patagonia’s new hiking products, theMountain Pants Collection is here and it’s perfect!

Come and see all the products by Patagonia for ski and skialp. Jackets, pants and warm, resistant clothing for the mountains

Live the mountains with the right equipment. Discover all the jackets, pants and accessories by Patagonia for this sport.

Vests, shirts and pants made by Patagonia to make trekking a piece of cake.

Accessories and equipmentfor your travels and walks. Products that will improve your adventures.



From Trail to Peak. 

Patagonia’s new lightweight mountain pants are tough enough for years on your version of the trail less traveled. These new collection is made with recycled materials and tested while bushwhacking, ridgeline scrambling and crossing subalpine creeks. During weather forecasts gone right, and horribly wrong. Below treeline and beyond altitude sickness. Lightweight, slim fitting and made with articulation for mobility and comfort under a harness, these pants are extremely durable.

 Because every hiker needs their go-to pair of hiking pants.

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