Tacx ® indoor cicling bike trainer

Push your limits with Garmin technologies and the TacX trainer. Interactive bike trainers give all the data about power, cadence and speed, but they offer a perfect and realistic experience as well. Through the app TacX Training, many videos available, you’ll have the chance to pedal on the most famous tracks without leaving the comfort of your home gym; you can schedule your sessions and have the best result form every ride.


With an improved design and new components, NEO 2T Smart will guarantee an encompassing experience, alsothanks to the improved compatibility and a more accurate analysis for your riding style.

Its main features:


More stability equals a quieter ride. So go on and don’t give up.


Important for you. That’s why we measure parameters like power and cadence with a 1% precision.


Is your style balanced? View all the statistics on the app or on your Edge®


It’s the perfect tool if you want an indoor training session that feels like an outdoor one.


You won’t have to give up on the feeling of being on the road now. It’s here


Push your limits always and anywhere.

Discover the perfect bike trainer for your workout



Pair your smart trainer TacX with the TacX Training App on your smartphone,

tablet or compatible desktop.


From smartphone, to tablet, to desktop one app will do it all and it will offer you the best virtual bike ride ever.


Instant sincronization The data for your training session will be updated instantly on the app Garmin Connect™.


Ride on the most famous trails, without leaving your home.


The world is yours to discover, by bike. Create or synchronize your rides with GPS.


Speed, power, cadence and much more. Follow them on the screen.

Create and set the intensity of your trainings.

you can download here the desktop version:


– MAC –

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