Salewa is an Italian brand that creates clothing, accessories and equipment for the mountain.

Founded in 1935 in Munich, Salewa has always worked with professionals (one among the others Reinhold Messner); in 1955 it created the Andes backpack for Herman Huber’s expedition in the Andes. In the Sixties the brand became famous all around the world for its innovative and light rampon, light and completely adjustable, now a classic in mountaineering activities, and the invention of their particular ice screws for climbing. During the seventies Salewa created the famous tent Sierra.

In 1990 the Oberalp group bought Salewa and its headquarters have been since moved to Bozen (Italy). In the 00’s the focus was put on lightweight equipment and clothing (like the carabiner Sub 33and the ultralight jacket Ultra Jacket). A synonym for quality, Salewa was able to mix technical innovation and tradition, convincing a large share of the global market and mountain lover (beginners and professionals alike): the brand sells in 30 different countries and it’s famous all over the world.




Discover the wide range of products by Salewa: jacket, apparel, shells, pants, technical apparel, shirts, sweats, base layers t-shirt, shoes and mountain boots, trekking and hiking shoes, accessories like gloves, hats, socks, gaiters.

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