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100% endurance sport in the mountains.
This is DYNAFIT: light, speed, performance and technology.
The brand designs clothing and gear for men and women, for mountain sports: like trail running where weight and lightness really make a difference.
What women love in trail running is the feeling of freedom that being in close contact with nature gives, the endorphine release and the possibility to learn what their limits are, reach them and overcome them, and become even stronger.
On short or long runs, Dynafit will accompany you through every high and low, even when the path will be difficult.

The secret of the brand is the collaboration with athletes and professionals, who test every product created.

Some women are scared by the idea of starting a sport like trail running, thinking they are not fit or trained enough, when actually all it takes is the right amount of patience, training and the best gear.

Trail running clothing must be above all functional and must perform well in the mountains and when running long distance. When sweating to conquer the top of the mountain, the gear must be breathable, in order to get rid of the sweat. Another important aspect is comfort: the fabric must have a nice feel on the skin, to avoid chafing and irritation.

The weight of the clothing must be light, so that you can run better and improve your performance, but it also must prevent you from feeling too cold and keep the same warmth even when the temperature changes quickly or suddenly (which is common in the mountains). Remember to bring a functional jacket with you, breathable, waterproof and wind proof, small enough to be stored in your backpack.

Other useful equipment could be small accessories like headbands or caps and hats to keep your hair tidy and protect your head from the sun while running.

Gear that can be also interesting are leg and arm warmers, useful solutions to keep the limbs warm when the weather is still uncertain.

DYNAFIT offers high-quality products for the mountain like clothing, accessories, shoes and backpacks. 

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